Instagram Story Ideas Generated by AI

To generate viral Instagram story ideas, describe in a few words what ideas you are seeking for.

ex) instagram idea for my dog

Top Ideas Generated this month

😌 human:
Instagram idea for my dog

🤖 AI idea:
Film your Dog waking up and going to sleep for a week

😌 human:
Cooking video idea

🤖 AI idea:
Grandma makes her apple pie. Her first time on Instagram.

😌 human:
Fashion ideas

🤖 AI idea:
Take out all your clothes and sell them on the street

How to come up with a good Instagram story idea?

  1. Pick a direction that aligns with the audience of your Instagram

  2. Write down 3-5 keywords that describes that direction.

  3. Combine these keywords in a short sentence and put it in our AI.

  4. Combination of different generes work well, like "cooking and sports"

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